ICT New Curriculum and books for class 6,7,8

ICT New Curriculum and Books for class 6,7,8

ICT New Curriculum for class 6,7,8 -In today’s times, many educational reforms are taking place. ICT is one of them. ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. It is defined as the application of technology in the processing of information and communication, which includes the use of computers and software to not only convert and store data but also process, transmit, and retrieve it.
Since the world is moving technologically, ICT supports the teaching and learning process across all subjects by
providing a wide range of resources while preparing learners for the modern workplace. It also prepares learners
for programmes like Computer Science, Cyber Security, Computer Programming, and other IT-related careers.

ICT is one of the economic development pillars to gain national competitive advantage. It can improve the quality of human life because it can be used as a great learning and education media. It provides wider knowledge and can help in gaining and accessing information.
The significant role ICT can play in a student’s learning process has also been highlighted in the National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF) as well as in New Education Policy 2020.

ICT Curriculum is updated to ensure that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the 21st century. This updated curriculum will also assist the teachers of ICT in shaping the learning experiences and performances to accommodate everyone’s needs and interests. This curriculum will tremendously help them achieve their goals. This curriculum also encourages students to use ICT ethically so that they can learn to use ICT responsibly and be aware of potential dangers and issues that can arise in the contemporary world.

ICT New Curriculum BOOKS


The following are the objectives for the curriculum of ICT in Education:
▪ Understand the basics of ICT and integrate it with other subjects (multidisciplinary approach).
▪ Demonstrate proficiency in manageing a range of hardware and software and troubleshoot common problems.
▪ Learn to represent and process data using open office tools.
▪ Develop an understanding of cyber safety, ethics, digital footprint, and digital well-being.
▪ Acquire skills to develop websites and mobile apps.
▪ Understand the concept of immersive technologies (AR & VR) and explore their applications in daily life.
▪ Gain knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and investigate its impact on Sustainable Development Goals.

ICT New Curriculum for Classes 6th to 8th

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