Class 9 Information Technology (IT)

CBSE CLASS 9 IT (Information Technology) code- 402

As per latest circular of CBSE and according to new education policy (NEP) , skill education is very important. CBSE has made skill subject compulsory for class 9 to class 12 . There is a list of skill subject available on CBSE website . Click here to download list of skill subjects offered by CBSE. IT i.e Information Technology (code 402) is most common and useful subject for the students. Here , you will get everything you needed to study skill subject – IT i.e Information Technology for class 9 as per latest syllabus of CBSE. You will get copy of NCERT book for class 9 IT 402 , study material and sample papers etc.

CBSE Class 9 IT 402 BOOK – Click Here to download
CBSE Class 9 IT 402 Syllabus – Latest as per CBSE
CBSE Class 9 IT – Exam Pattern
CBSE Class 9 IT 402 NOTES / Study Material
CBSE CLass 9 IT 402 Sample Papers and Previous Year Papers
CBSE Class 9 IT MCQ Questions for Practice (chapter wise)
CBSE Class 9 IT 402 Employability Skills Notes and Book
Class 9 Information technology -IT 402

Class 9 IT 402 Book