Class 10 Information Technology (IT) Session 2024-25

CBSE CLASS 10 IT (Information Technology) code- 402 Session 2024-25

As per latest circular of CBSE and according to new education policy (NEP) , skill education is very important. CBSE has made skill subject compulsory for class 9 to class 12 . There is a list of skill subject available on CBSE website . Click here to download list of skill subjects offered by CBSE. IT i.e Information Technology (code 402) is most common and useful subject for the students. Here , you will get everything you needed to study skill subject – IT i.e Information Technology for class 10 as per latest syllabus of CBSE board exams. You will get copy of NCERT book for class 10 IT 402 ,Class 10 IT 402 notes, study material and sample papers etc.

CBSE Class 10 IT 402 BOOK - Click Here to download
CBSE Class 10 IT 402 Curriculum - course objective
CBSE Class 10 IT 402 Syllabus - Latest as per CBSE
CBSE Class 10 IT - Exam Pattern
CBSE Class 10 IT 402 NOTES / Study Material
CBSE Class 10 IT 402 PART A Employability Skill Notes
CBSE CLass 10 IT 402 Sample Papers and Previous Year Papers
CBSE Class 10 IT MCQ Questions for Practice (chapter wise)
class 10 IT

As per CBSE Board Curriculam for class 10 IT 402 is given below-


Class 10 IT book is Domestic Data Entry Operator in the IT-ITeS Industry is also known as Data Entry Operator. Individuals are responsible to provide daily work reports and work on daily hour bases. The individual is responsible for electronic entry of data from the client side to the office site or vice-versa. Individual tasks vary depending on the size and structure of the organization. This job requires the individual to have thorough knowledge of various technology trends and processes as well as have updated knowledge about database management systems and IT initiatives. The individual should have fast and accurate typing/data encoding. This job involves working in a personal computer, and appropriate software to enter accurate data regarding different issues like retrieving data from a computer or to a computer.


On completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Apply effective oral and written communication skills to interact with people and customers;
  • Identify the principal components of a computer system; Demonstrate the basic skills of using computer;
  • Demonstrate self-management skills;
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide a self-analysis in context of entrepreneurial skills and abilities;
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of the importance of green skills in meeting the challenges of sustainable development and environment protection;
  • Work safely on the computer.
  • Start the computer.
  • Open and use the related software.
  • Exit from the software.
  • Shut down the computer.
  • Use the computer for data entry process.
  • Collect all necessary information about the query.
  • Log any decision about the query on the data entry tracking form.
  • Follow Rules and guidelines for data entry.
  • Handle queries.
  • Undertake data entry with speed and accuracy.
  • Identify and control hazards in the workplace that pose a danger or threat to their safety or health, or that of others.

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