Study Material – TGT /PGT Computer Science Exam – Good Quality Notes

TGT /PGT Computer Science Recruitment Exams

Study Material TGT /PGT Computer Science Exam

Subject – Wise Notes

List Of Subjects

HTMLIntroduction to HTML
Basic HTML Elements and Text formatting elements in HTML
Cyber Crime and Safety
Cyber Security
Cyber Crime and Safety
Cyber Security Notes in Hindi Medium
Communication technologyCommunication Technology Notes in Hindi
InternetIntroduction of Internet Notes in Hindi – CLICK HERE
SoftwareSoftware and Types of Software NOTES
Computer Systems and OrganisationNumber System and conversions Notes
Boolean Logic Gates and Circuit
Encoding Schemas
Python ProgrammingIntroduction and features of Python
Pros/Cons Of Python
Working Modes in Python

Object Oriented Programming C++ (OOP)

  1. Computer Systems Architecture
  2. Operating System Overview
  3. Operating Systems
  4. Digital Electronics
  5. Programming Fundamentals
  6. Programming Tool: Visual Basic
  7. Data Structures
  8. Programming in C++
  9. Relational Database Management System
  10. Business Computing
  11. Web Development
  12. Web Scripting
  13. Multimedia and Authoring Tools1.
  14. Graphics Formats
  15. Communication and Network Concepts

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    This article provides study materials and notes for those preparing for TGT/PGT computer science recruitment exams, covering subjects such as HTML, object-oriented programming, computer systems architecture, operating systems, programming fundamentals, data structures, and more. It also includes topics related to business computing, web development, multimedia, and communication/network concepts.

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