Important MCQ on Fundamentals of Computer

Important MCQ on Fundamentals of Computer

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MCQ on Fundamentals of Computer

Q1. The basic operations performed by a computer are
A) Arithmetic operation
B) Logical operation
C) Storage and relative
D) All the above

Answer is D) All the above

Q2.The difference between memory and storage is that memory is _____ and storage is __
A) Temporary, permanent
B) Permanent, temporary
C) Slow, fast
D) All of above

Ans is A) Temporary, permanent

Q.3 A byte consists of
A) One bit
B) Four bits
C) Eight bits
D) Sixteen bits

Ans is C) Eight bits

Q4. The term gigabyte refers to
A) 1024 bytes
B) 1024 kilobytes
C) 1024 megabytes
D) 1024 gigabyte

Ans is C) 1024 megabytes

Q.5 Which of the following is the first computer to use Stored Program Concept?
D) None of above

Ans is C) EDSAC

Q.6 An integrated circuit is
A) A complicated circuit
B) An integrating device
C) Much costlier than a single transistor
D) Fabricated on a tiny silicon chip

Ans is D) Fabricated on a tiny silicon chip

Q.7 A computer program that converts assembly language to machine language is-

A) Compiler

B) Interpreter

C) Assembler

D) Comparator

Ans is C) Assembler

Q. 8 Which unit is responsible for converting the data received from the user into
computer understandable format?
a) Memory Unit
b) Arithmetic & Logic Unit
c) Input Unit
d) Output Unit

Q. 9 The only language which the computer understands is ______________
a) Assembly Language
b) Binary Language
d) C Language

Q. 10 The smallest unit of data in computer is ________________
a) Byte
b) Nibble
c) Bit

d) KB

Answer is c) Bit.

Q.11 Storage which stores or retains data after power off is called-

(A) Volatile storage

(B)Non-volatile storage

(C)Sequential storage

(D)Direct storage

(E)None of these

Ans is (B)Non-volatile storage

Q.12 USB-type storage device is –

(A) Secondary




Ans is (A) Secondary

Q.13 A half byte is known as_____.

(A) data


(C)half byte


(E)None of these

Ans is (D)nibble

Q.14 Who is the father of Computers?
a) James Gosling
b) Charles Babbage
c) Dennis Ritchie
d) Bjarne Stroustrup

Ans is b) Charles Babbage . Charles Babbage is known as the father of computers. Charles Babbage designed and built the first mechanical computer and Difference Engine.

Q.15 Which of the following monitor looks like a television and are normally used with non-portable computer systems?
a) LED
b) LCD
c) CRT
d) Flat Panel Monitors

Ans is c) CRT. A CRT (or the Cathode Ray Tube) Monitor looks like a television ideally. The flat-panel monitors are thinner and lighter in comparison.

Q.16 Which of the following part of a processor contains the hardware necessary to perform all the operations required by a computer?
a) Controller
b) Registers
c) Cache
d) Data path

Ans is d) Data path .

A processor is a part of the computer which does all the data manipulation and decision making. A processor comprises of: A data path that contains the hardware necessary to perform all the operations. A controller tells the data path what needs to be done. The registers act as intermediate storage for the data.

Q.17 Which of the following is the device used for converting maps, pictures, and drawings into digital form for storage in computers?
a) Image Scanner
b) Digitizer
d) Scanner

Ans is b) Digitizer .A digitizer serves the purpose given in the question. Digitizers are generally used in the area of Computer-Aided Design by architects and engineers to design cars, buildings, etc.

Q.18 Which of these computer languages do we use in artificial intelligence?




d. C

Answer is (a) PROLOG

Q.19 What access method do we use to obtain any record out of a cassette tape?

a. Random

b. Direct

c. Sequential

d. All of the above

Answer is (c) Sequential

Q. 20 UNIVAC is –

a.universal automatic computer

b.universal array computer

c.unique automatic computer

d.un valued automatic computer

Ans is A. universal automatic computer

Q.21 .Which type of system puts the user into direct conversation with the computer through a keyboard?

(A) Batch processing

(B) Time sharing

(C) Interactive computer

(D) Real time processing

Ans is (C) Interactive computer

Q.22 Everything computer does is controlled by its




(D) Storage devices

Ans is A. CPU

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