ICT Class 8 Chapter -1 Spreadsheets – Data Representation and Processing

Data Representation and Processing 05 ( Spreadsheets / MS Excel )

Learning to work with spreadsheets

स्प्रेडशीट के साथ काम करना सीखना

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Spreadsheet : Spreadsheet is a computer application which helps us to store data. Examples of Spreadsheets are – MS Excel , Google Sheet , Libra Office Calc etc.

Parts of Spreadsheet

Graph / Chart

Graph / Chart –

Types of Chart

Charts / graphs are of many types –

1.Column Chart

2. Line Chart

3. Pie Chart

4, Bar chart

5. Area Chart

6. Scatter Chart

Numeric Data

Numeric Data – Numeric Data is data in form of numbers. Example Age , Weight etc.

Types of Numeric Data

Numeric Data is mainly of two types –

  1. Discrete Data
  2. Continuous Data

Difference Between Discrete Data and continuous data

Components of a Graph / Chart

Analysing Data through Graphs

Inserting Chart / graph in a spreadsheet

Below are the steps to insert chart / graph in a spreadsheet –

Step 1 – create a table of data in spreadsheet.

Step 2 – select the table.

step 3 – Now Click on Insert tab.

Step 4 – Now select the type of chart you want to insert. For example- click on column chart.

Step 5 – Now select design of column chart and chart will be inserted in spreadsheet.

Editing a chart Area in Spreadsheet

Step 1 – To change Heading , double click on heading and write the heading you want.

chart in spreadsheet.

Editing Chart Type

Data Analysis using Sort , Filters ,Subtotal , Advanced Formula etc

Sort Option – It is used to arrange data in ascending or descending order.

Filter Option – It is used to limit data. It can help in emphasizing on specific data.

Subtotal – Total of all values is known as Grand Total, But total of a category values is known as subtotal. Total of all subtotal is known as Grand total. It is used to total of various category values.

Formula – Formula in spreadheet is started using “=” sign. Formula can be copied using Fill handle. In formula bar we can also use various functions inbuilt in spreadheet.

Draw information by analyzing data and represent it using graphs-

Pivot Table

To use Pivot table following steps are needed-

  1. Select data
  2. Insert a Pivot Table
  3. Drag fields
  4. Add Pivot Chart
  5. Change Summary Calculation

Ribbon keyboard shortcuts

Frequently used shortcuts

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