Class 9 IT Unit 3 Digital Documentation

Class 9 Information Technology CBSE Code 402 Unit 3 Digital Documentation

Multiple Choice Questions:

1.Which of following is not a component of the Office Suite?
(a) Writer
(b) Impress
(c) Internet Explorer
(d) Base

Ans: (c) Internet Explorer

2.The most widely used word processing software in late 1970s was_____________________.
(a) Word Perfect
(b) Word
(c) Word Star
(d) Writer

Ans: (c) Word Star

3.We can change the mistakes noticed in which of the following?
(a) Electronic typewriter
(b) Word processor software
(c) Simple typewriter
(d) Both (a) and (b)

Ans: (d) Both (a) and (b)

4.Header and Footer is available in which of the following menus?
(a) File Menu
(b) Insert Menu
(c) View Menu
(d) Edit Menu

Ans:(b) Insert Menu

5. To hide or view ruler we should go to which of the following menus?
(a) Tools Menu
(b) Insert Menu
(c) View Menu
(d) Edit Menu

Ans:(c) View Menu

6.To check the grammar we should go to which of the following menus?
(a) Tools Menu
(b) Insert Menu
(c) View Menu
(d) Edit Menu

Ans: (a) Tools Menu

7.To replace a word Bombay with Mumbai, we should go to which of the following menus?
(a) Tools Menu
(b) Edit Menu
(c) View Menu
(d) Language Menu

Ans: (b) Edit Menu

8.To close an opened document, we should to go to which of the following menus?
(a) File Menu
(b) Insert Menu
(c) View Menu
(d) Edit Menu

Ans: (a) File Menu

9. Which of the following is the default extension of the writer file?
(a) .obt
(b) .doc
(c) .odt
(d) .docx

Ans: (c) .odt

Class 9 Information Technology CBSE Code 402 Unit 3 Digital Documentation

10. Which of the following technique selects a sentence in Writer?
(a) Single click (Pressing left button of mouse)
(b) Double Click
(c) Triple Click
(d) None of the above

Ans:(c) Triple Click

11. Which of the following is a shortcut key to Redo any operation?
(a) CTRL + R
(b) CTRL + Y
(c) CTRL + X
(d) CTRL + Z

Ans: (b) CTRL + Y

12. To find a word in a document we can use which of the following function key?
(a) F5 key
(b) F8 key
(c) Fl key
(d) None of the above

Ans: (d) None of the above

13. Spellings are corrected automatically in Writer because of which of the following features?
(a) Auto Text
(b) Auto Correct
(c) Auto Complete
(d) All of the above

Ans: (b) Auto Correct

14. The default table size is________________________.
(a) 1 column, 1 row
(b) 2 columns, 1 row
(c) 2 columns, 2 rows
(d) 1 column, 2 rows

Ans: (a) 1 column, 1 row

15. What is the shape of the mouse pointer when drawing a table?
(a) Pencil
(b) White pointing arrow
(c) Black pointing arrow
(d) Black plus

Ans: (b) White pointing arrow

16. Which shortcut key is used for automatic spell checking?
(b) SHIFT + F7

Ans: (b) SHIFT + F7

17. Which shortcut key is used to insert table?
(a) CTRL + F12

Ans: (a) CTRL + F12

18. Which of the following is not valid type of data source in mail merge?
(a) Spreadsheet
(b) Text files
(c) MySQL
(d) CSV file

Ans: (b) Text files

19.The default orientation of a page in Writer is_____________.
(a) portrait
(b) landscape
(c) book
(d) None of the above

Ans: (a) portrait

Class 9 Information Technology CBSE Code 402 Unit 3 Digital Documentation

20. Which of the following does not come under page formatting?
(a) Setting margins
(b) Find and replace
(c) Setting header and footer
(d) Page orientation

Ans: (b) Find and replace

21.Saving an existing document with some other name using the Save As option______________________.
(a) replaces the current document
(b) leaves the current document intact
(c) is not possible
(d) closes the document

Ans: (b) leaves the current document intact

22. Keyboard shortcut to italicize the selected text is
(a) Ctrl + U
(b) Shift + U
(c) Ctrl + I
(d) Shift + I

Ans: (c) Ctrl + I

23. Which option should be used to type H2O, to get 2 at its proper place?
(a) Bold
(b) Superscript
(c) Underline
(d) Subscript

Ans: (d) Subscript

24. What option should be used to to change the word ‘Books’ to the word ‘Copies’ in a document?
(a) Find
(b) Find and Replace
(c) Spell check
(d) Spelling and grammar check

Ans: (b) Find and Replace

25. What is the option to print the document so that the height of the page is less than its width?
(a) Landscape
(b) Portrait
(c) Indent
(d) Tab setting

Ans: (a) Landscape

Class 9 Information Technology CBSE Code 402 Unit 3 Digital Documentation

Fill in the blanks:

1.The submenu item with three dots ‘…’ just after the submenu name, denote that it will open the dialog box

2. The submenu item with right hand side arrows ‘►’, means, clicking on it will open Submenu

3. Formatting Tool Bar contains various options for document formatting

4. By pressing the Home key you jump to the beginning of the line and by pressing the End key you jump to end of the line

5. After using the undo command, to go back again to the previous position the, redo option or command is used.

6. Double click is used to select the word

7. Headers appear at the top and footers appear at the bottom of every page.

8. In the landscape page orientation the height of the page is less than its width.

9. The Print Preview option is used to see how the document will look like when it will be printed.

10. In mail merge the file holding the mailing addresses is called as data source.

Class 9 Information Technology CBSE Code 402 Unit 3 Digital Documentation

State whether the following statements are True or False

1.To open word processor ‘Window’ menu option is selected.


2. Current file name is shown in Status Bar.


3. Open icon for opening a file is part of Standard Tool Bar.


4. Format Menu contains the options that apply to the whole document.


5. It is possible to open a MS-Word file in Libre Office-Writer.


6. We cannot open Libre Office-Writer file in MS-Word.


7. Writer does not permit to copy a selected text in to another document.


8. It is possible to copy a selected text without using Menu options and keyboard options.


9. To open the ‘Find & Replace’ dialog box, we have to go to Format menu.


10. We can find all the cities included in a document using ‘Find and Replace’ feature of Writer.


11. While typing if an incorrect spelling is detected a red line is marked under it. After correcting it, the red line is converted into green line.


12. The text written in Header and Footer is printed on each page of the document.


13. The page number appears with gray background and is printed with background.


14. Writer creates a table as wide as the page area.


15. A new column is created in table by pressing tab key.


16. Mail merge is used to prepare multiple copies of the same document.


17. The Form Letter contains the variable information in mail merge.


18. The portrait and landscape orientations are set in Paper option under properties.


19. In Print Range by default current page is selected for printing.


20. By default the page size is A4


Class 9 Information Technology CBSE Code 402 Unit 3 Digital Documentation

Short answer questions

Que 1.In a document all the occurrences of word “this” have to be changed to “these”. Which option is suitable for this and what is the shortcut command used for it?

Ans: Find and Replace option is suitable to replace all the occurrences of word “this” by another word “these”. Shortcut command used for it is Ctrl + H in LibreOffice. Shortcut command used for it is Ctrl + F in OpenOffice.

Que 2. Which two documents are essential for mail merge?

Ans: 1.Main Document

2. Data Source

Que 3.Explain the concept of Word Processing.

Ans: Word processing is the use of computer software to enter, edit, format, store, retrieve and print the document. The document can be a letter, notice, report, business correspondence, etc.

Que 4. List the various software available for word processing.

Ans: Various software available for word processing are:

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. LibreOffice Writer
  3. OpenOffice Writer
  4. Google Docs

Que 5. Write difference between a text editor and a word processor software. Write the name of any text editor or word processor available in market.


Word ProcessorText Editor
It allows you to edit the text with multiple other functions like formatting of text.A text editor is used to writing and edits text.
It is a more extensive type of text editor.It is used to edit plain text files.
It helps in functioning the automatic grammar and spelling checks.In this, You can also cut, copy, paste, undo and redo your text.
It comes in with some predefined themes and templates into it which makes it easier.Text formatting is not available in this editor.
The famous word processors are WordPad, NotePad, AppleWorks, Microsoft.It includes CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and other languages.

Que 6. List the various components of LibreOffice suite. Explain each component in one line.

Ans: These are the components of LibreOffice suite:

(1). Word Processing:- is the software that permits the user to write edit his work in the documents.

(2). Spreadsheets:- is the application that permits the user to store the data in the tabular form.

(3). Presentations: -is the application that permits the user to store and display the data in slide show.

(4). Vector Graphics and Flowcharts: -is the application that permits the user to compose or edit the vector graphics images.

(5). Databases: – is the application that permits the user to store the data using modelling technique.

Que 7. Compare the features of manual typewriter, electronic typewriter and word processing software.


Manual typewriter Electronic typewriter Word processing software
It is a hardware.It is a hardware.It is a software.
Once typed can not be changed.Minor changes can be done.All type of changes can be done.
No screen to display the contents.Very small size screen to display the contentsEntire content is visible on monitor.
Special symbol can not be inserted.Special symbol can not be inserted.Special symbol can be inserted.

Que 8. Explain the different views to display a document.

Ans: Different views to display a document in a LibreOffice Writer are:

1.Normal View: It is default view in Writer. This view allows to do formatting of a document. Page break is visible in this view.

2. Web: This view shows that how your page will look like when you publish your page on Internet. Page break is not visible in this group.

Que 9. What are the various methods for selecting the text in a document? Give the steps to select a paragraph.

Ans: Select all text

  1. Click anywhere within the document.
  2. Press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select all text in the document.

Select specific text

You can also select a specific word, line of text, or one or more paragraphs.

  1. Place your cursor in front of the first letter of the word, sentence, or paragraphs you want to select.
  2. Click and hold while you drag your cursor to select the text you want.

Other ways to select text

  • To select a single word, quickly double-click that word.
  • To select a line of text, place your cursor at the start of the line, and press Shift + down arrow.
  • To select a paragraph, place your cursor at the start of the paragraph, and press Ctrl + Shift + down arrow.

Que 10. What are the special characters? How can you insert them in a document?

Ans: Special Characters: Special characters are special formatting character which are applied in documents for better formatting they are not any text , Symbol etc.

↕️Example — # , @ , * , _ , €, ¥ , ¢ , £

☑️To insert Special characters in a document follow mentioned steps:

➡️Place the cursor where you want to insert special character in document.

➡️Click on Insert tab

➡️Select Symbol from Symbol group. Select More Symbols option

➡️The symbols dialog box will appear . There click on special characters tab.

➡️Double-Click the character which you want to insert and click Insert button.

Que 11.How will you count the total words of a document?

Ans: Word count is shown in the status bar, and is kept up to date as you edit.

If you want to count only some text of your document, select the text.

To display extended statistics such as count of characters without spaces, choose Tools – Word Count.

Que 12. What are the various menu of Writer GUI?

Ans: various menu of Writer GUI:











Que 13. What is the default extension assigned to the document in Writer when you save it? Write down the steps to save the document to Microsoft Word document?

Ans: Default extension assigned to the document in Writer when is .odt

Save your document

Click FILE > Save, pick or browse to a folder, type a name for your document in the File name box, and click Save.

Save your work as you go Ctrl+ S often.

Que 14. What is the importance of password in the document? How will you protect the document using password in Writer?

Ans: The password is very important in the document for proper authorization. We can protect the document using the password by providing security to the users.

Only authorized users can open their accounts or can access their documents using the password option.

Steps to save a document using password are:

1.Select File —-> Save

2.Type a suitable name for the document.

3. Put a tick on the checkbox Save with a password.

4. Type the password to open the file in Set password dialog box.

5. Type the same password in the second box and click OK button.

Que 15. What is mail merge? Write down the steps to create mailing labels to paste on wedding cards.

Ans: Mail merge is the process of merging the main document with the mailing address of various persons. The main document is merged with the mailing address. It is used to send invitations, letters or to print certificates for several people.

Steps to create mailing labels are:

  1. Choose File > New > Labels
  2. On the Labels tab, select the Database and Table.
  3. Click the drop down arrow under Database field and move the required field to Label text area.
  4. On the Options tab, ensure that the Synchronize contents option is selected.
  5. Click New Document. Now you have a new single document containing a series of frames, one for each label of the selected type and filled with the data source address fields that you selected.

Que 16. What are the advantages of table?

Ans: Advantages of Table are:

1.Tables provide fast and efficient readability across issues displayed in rows and columns. 

2.It gives better understanding of data which involves numbers also.

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