25 Most Important Computer Full Forms A to Z

25 Most Important Computer Full Forms A to Z

25 Most Important Computer Full Forms A to Z – Computer Full forms play an important role in understanding the subject . Here is list of 25 most important computer related full forms. These computer full forms are very important. Everyone should know these 25 Most Important Computer Full Forms.

S.NoAbbreviationFull form
Used for
Technological and
2ICTInformation and Communications Technology
3CPUCentral Processing Unit
4LAN Local Area Network
5IP Internet Protocol
6BIOS Basic Input/Output System
7ROM Read-Only Memory
8RAMRandom Access Memory
9PDF Portable Document Format
10HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
11HDD Hard Disk Drive
12VIRUSVital Information Resources Under Seige
13USB Universal Serial Bus
14GUI Graphical User Interface
15MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group
16OS Operating System
17Mbps Mega Bytes Per second
18KBps Kilo Bytes Per Second
19KB Kilobyte
20MB Megabyte
23VPN Virtual Private Network
24WWW World Wide Web
25URLUniform Resource Locator

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