Class 6 chapter 1 Q/A – Introduction to computers

                                          CHAPTER 1

Q1. What is computer?
Answer 1. – Computer is an electronic machine used to deal and store large amount of data.

Q.2- Who is father of computer?
Ans. 2- Father of computer is Charles Babbage.

Q3.-What are uses of computer in our day today life?
Ans.3- Uses of Computer are-
i.) Data Manipulation and storage
ii.) In education
iii.) Hospitals
iv.) In offices
v.) Email , chatting , video conferencing
vi.) Banking
vii.) Ticket reservation – train , bus , aeroplane etc
viii.) Watch films , songs etc
ix.) In science and research

Q.4- What are various types of computer?
Ans.4- Types of computer are-
i) Desktop
ii) Laptop
iii) Palmtop – Tablet , smart phones etc

Q.5 – How computer system works?
Ans. 5- Computer system works on IPO cycle.
               I – Input
     P – Process
               O – Output

Q.6 – What are three main components of computer?
Ans.6- Three main components of computer are-
i). Input Unit
ii). Output Unit
iii). CPU – Central Processing Output

Q.7- What are Input devices?
Ans 7- The parts of computer which are used for data entry and to give instructions are known as input devices. Example – Keyboard , Mouse etc.

Q.8 -What are output devices ?
Ans. 8-  The parts of computer which are used to give processed output to user are known as output device. Example- Monitor , Printer etc.

Q.9 What is CPU?
Ans.9 CPU is Central Processing Unit . CPU is the brain of computer.

Q.10 What is operating system?
Ans 10- Operating system is the interface between user and computer. When we start computer operating system is the first programme to run.
Example- Windows, Linux etc

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