Unit 1: Introduction to IT-ITes Industry

Class 9 IT Code 402 Unit 1: Introduction to IT-ITes Industry Question Answer

In it, you will get the notes of class 9 Information Technology. Here you will get best notes of class 9 CBSE Code 402.These notes are totally according to the new syllabus of Information Technology CBSE Code 402.You will get good score by following these notes. These are easy to understand and easy to learn for students.

Ques 1. What do you understand by the term IT and ITeS?

Ans: Information Technology (IT) means creating, managing, storing and exchanging information. IT includes all
types of technology used to deal with information, such as computer hardware and software technology used for creating, storing, and transferring information.

Information Technology that enables the business by improving the quality of service is Information
Technology enabled Services (ITeS). ITeS is also called web-enabled services.

Ques 2. What are the pros and cons of using ICT?


Pros of ITCons of IT
1.Improves efficiency for Business1. Extreme dependability
2. Saves time2. Expensive
3. Better communication3. Data security
4. Technology helps improve services4. Health concerns

Que 3. What precautions are required to ensure that ICT use is safe?

Ans: 1. Install protective software.

2. Back up on a regular basis.

3.Choose strong passwords.

4.Be Careful What You Download.

5. Do not click on any unknown link.

Que 4. What are the four main sub-sectors in the IT-BPM industry?

Ans: 1. IT Services.

2. Business Process Management. 

3. Software Products.

4. Engineering Research and Development.

Que 5. Give examples of use of IT in everyday life.

Ans: In our daily life, we use washing machines, microwave oven and many other products using which have embedded software. We can store all the information about our important work, appointments schedules and list
of contacts in a computer.

Que 6.How is IT used in libraries?

Ans: Nowadays many libraries are computerized. Each book has a barcode associated with it. This makes it easier for the library to a keep track of books and the availability of a specific book. Computer software is used to issue
and return the book.

Que 7. What are the various processes of education where IT is used?

Ans: Computers and Information Technology are extensively used in education for teaching-learning and assessment.

There are different processes of education where IT is used:

(a) ICT in the classroom:

• e-learning classrooms;
• smart-board presentations;
• videos on experiments;
• creation of images and video;

(b) Education — anywhere anytime

Any student in India can access the NCERT book online through the website www.epathshala.nic.in or mobile app.

(c) Teaching aids and media:

• use pictures, animations and audio-visuals to explain subjects that are difficult to explain.
• make the lessons interesting using presentations.

(d) Learning Management System (LMS)

• learn lessons anytime and anywhere.
• submit queries, getting replies and submit comments through forums.

Que 8. Which software are used in digital communication?

Ans: We use computers for email, chatting and video conferencing which means Digital communication. The software used are Skype, WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Que 9.For what purpose is IT used in business?

Ans: Computers are used in business organizations for payroll calculation, budgeting, sales analysis, financial forecasting, managing and maintaining stocks. A lot of business transactions happen through Internet called e-commerce.

Que. 10 Which are the prominent areas where IT is used in science and engineering?

Ans: Scientists and engineers use computers for performing complex scientific calculations, Computer Aided
Design (CAD) or Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) applications are used for drawing, designing and for simulating and testing the designs. Computers are used for storing large amount of data, performing complex calculations and for visualizing 3D objects.

Que. 11 List the various uses of IT in a banking system?

Ans: Computer is an essential part of the modern banking system. The customer’s data and transactions are recorded by computers. Recurring deposits (e-RD), Fixed deposits (e-FD), money transfer from one account to another (NEFT, RTGS), online transactions are done using Internet.

Que. 12 Which are the different areas of healthcare where IT is used? And how?

Ans: ICT is used in the health sector in numerous ways. Hospital Management System is used to maintain and manage patients’ records as well as various activities pertaining to hospital administration. Using expert system, diseases can be diagnosed at the early stages and the patients can be given treatment accordingly. Some of these machines are:

(i) Computerized Axial Tomography Machine (CAT)

(ii) MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine)

(iii) Electrocardiogram (ECG) Machine

(iv) Cardiac Screening Machine

(v) EEG (Electro – encephalography) Machine

(vi) Blood Sugar Testing Machine

Que. 13 List any 5 websites of the Indian government which provide IT enabled services to the people.

Ans: a) www.uidai.gov.in  

b) www.india.gov.in

c) www.incometaxindia.gov.in

d) www.upsc.gov.in

e) www.rbi.org.in

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