CBSE Class 9 IT 402 Syllabus – Latest as per CBSE

CBSE Class 9 IT 402 Syllabus and Curriculum

CBSE has started skill education for class 9 to 12 . One of the common subject is Information technology i.e IT code 402. This is very interesting and useful subject for students. Given below is the course curriculum for class 9 IT 402 as per CBSE.


A Data Entry Operator/Analyst is a person who is responsible for entering data into different applications and computer databases manage and maintain effective record keeping. In addition, they are responsible for organizing files, collecting and managing data to be entered into the computer. They are also responsible for security of data and safeguard the computer network. With every office and organization seeking to become computerized, the demand for data entry operators/analysts is on a rise. Data entry operators/analysts usually work in an indoor, office setting using a computer and other electronic machines. To be in the profession of data entry/analysis, one has to have computer literacy, high typing speed, organization skills, concentration skills, communication skills and an ability to sit for long periods of time entering and computing data.

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