Class 9 IT 402 Unit 5 Digital Presentations Question – Answer / MCQ

A. Multiple Choice Questions

1.Which of the following option is not available on Presentation Wizard?
(a) Empty presentation
(b) Form template
(c) Open new presentation
(d) Open existing presentation

Answer: (a) Empty presentation

2. Which of the following is not a part of main Impress window?
(a) Slides pane (b) Workspace
(c) Work pane (d) Task pane

Answer: (c) Work pane

3.Which of the following is not a section of tasks pane?
(a) Master pages (b) Layouts
(c) Custom View (d) Custom animation

Answer: (c) Custom View

4. Which view button listed below is not one of those available in the workspace?
(a) Normal view (b) Outline view
(c) Thumbnail view (d) Notes

Answer: (c) Thumbnail view

5. Which view is generally used for creating, formatting and designing slides?
(a) Normal view (b) Outline view
(c) Notes (d) Slide Sorter view

Answer: (a) Normal view

6. The slide show can be exited at any time during the show by pressing which of the following keys?
(a) Space bar (b) End key
(c) Break key (d) Esc key

Answer: (d) Esc key

7. Which of the following features is used to create a new slide show with the current slides but presented in a different order?
(a) Rehearsal (b) Custom Slide show
(c) Slide Show Setup (d) Slide Show View

Answer: (b) Custom Slide show

8. Which of the following feature is used to progress the slide show automatically while speaking on the topic?
(a) Custom Animation (b) Rehearse Timing
(c) Slide Transition (d) Either (a) or (b)

Answer: (c) Slide Transition

B. Fill in the blanks

  1. _______ is used to maintain consistency in design and colour in the presentation.

Answer: Master Slide

2. ________________view is used to view all the slides simultaneously.

Answer: Slide Sorter

3. ________________is used to perform basic operations on the presentation

Answer: File Menu

4. Master Page is used to modify the _____________of the slide.

Answer: Basic Architecture

5. To create a new blank presentation, use the key combination __.

Answer: Ctrl + N

6. In every presentation, first slide should be _______.

Answer: Title Slide

7. To save a presentation, we can use key combination ___ .

Answer: Ctrl + S

8. In LibreOffice Impress, by default the presentation is saved with _________extension.

Answer: (.odp)

9. The keyboard shortcut key for slide show is _.

Answer: F5

10. The short cut key to close the LibreOffice impress is_________

Answer: Ctrl + Q

11.The short cut key to insert a new slide is ____.

Answer: Ctrl + M

12. The __ view is used to apply animation on the content of slide

Answer: Normal

13. A paper copy of presentation given to the audience is known as ____.

Answer: Handouts

14. To play a sound during transitions, select a sound from the __ list.

Answer: Sound

15. To play the sound repeatedly, the __________________is used

Answer: Loop until next sound

C. State whether the following statements are True or False

  1. The order of the slides cannot be changed in slides pane

Answer: True

2. Slide design or layout can be changed for multiple slides simultaneously.

Answer: True

3. Every slide in a presentation has exactly one slide master.

Answer: True

4. Animations once applied can be changed but cannot be removed.

Answer: False

5. Slide names are included in outline view.

Answer: True

6. The notes added to slides can be seen during the presentation.

Answer: True

7. A presentation can have multiple slide masters.

Answer: False

8. A user can create his/her own slide master.

Answer: True

9. Once a pre-defined slide master is selected, the background of slide cannot be changed.

Answer: False

10. The text added to the header is displayed on the first slide only.

Answer: False

11.The text added to the footer is displayed on the last slide only.

Answer: True

12. User can create his/her own template and use it in the Presentation Wizard.

Answer: True

13. The Notes View is used for the audience.

Answer: False

14. It is not possible to insert audio or video clips in the presentation.

Answer: False

15. Header and footer can be inserted in the presentation.

Answer: True

D. Short answer questions

1.List the possible multimedia contents that are included while creating a presentation.

Answer: Possible multimedia contents that are included while creating a presentation:-

  1. Audio
  2. Video
  3. Image
  4. Animation

2. List the important points to be considered while making an effective presentation.


  1. On one page or slide try to include 5 to 8 lines

2. While preparing the presentation, you need to take care of the room size, distance between the screen and the audience. Accordingly keep the font size of the texts, so that the audience can easily read the contents.

3. The grammar and Language should be correct in your Presentation.

4. Do not include more than one animation or Video in one Slide.

5. Try to avoid inserting more than two graphics in any Slide.

6. Pay attention to the target group to meet the requirement of the target audience.

3. What are the advantages of using a presentation?

Answer: 1.Concepts can be easily presented to the audience in a simple way.

2. Machine parts and operation of various machines can be easily shown.

4 What objects can be inserted to slides in Impress?

Answer: We can insert various types of objects to slides in Impress such as Table, Charts, Shapes and Textbox into a Presentation.

5. What are the steps to add picture or object to the slide?

Answer: Click on the Insert Image icon. Select the Image file and click on Open button or just Double click on the image file. The image will get inserted in the file


Position the cursor where you want to insert the file, Select Insert–>Image.

6. How can text be added to header or footer on the sliders?

Answer: Steps to add header or footer on the sliders:

Click INSERT > Header & Footer.

Header & Footer dialog box appears.

In the box below Footer, type the text that you want, such as the presentation title.

Click Apply to All. Or, if you want the footer information only on the selected slide, click Apply instead of Apply to All.

7.Describe the use of fields available in header and footer.

Answer: Fields available in header and footer are:

  1. Header: A Header is a text or section which appears at the Top of the slide.
  2. Footer: A Footer is a text or section which appears at the Bottom of the slide.
  3. Date & Time: This is used to add Date & Time in header section in the Slide.
  4. Page Number: This is used to add Page Number in the slide.

8. Write the steps to create a template.

Answer: 1.Create a slide which you want to save it as a template.

2. Click on File–> Templates–> Save as Template.

3. Save As Template dialog box appear.

4.Type Name of the template and select Template Category where you want to save.

5. Click on Save button.

9.Write down the steps to add slide transition in your presentation.


(i) In the Sidebar, select the Slide Transition icon.
(ii) Select the slides to apply the transition. If you want to apply the transition to all the slides, do not select any slides.
(iii) Select a Sound from the Sound List.
(iv) If a sound is selected, the Loop until next sound option becomes active to play the sound repeatedly.
(v) Select how to advance to the next slide: manually (By mouse click) or automatically

(vi)To apply transition to all slides, click Apply to All Slides.
(vii) To start the slide show from the current slide, click Slide Show

10. How will you add the slide number at the bottom of each slide?


Click INSERT > Header & Footer.

Header & Footer dialog box appears.

In Slide tab, Select Slide Number check box.

Click Apply to All Button.

11. How will you insert a company’s logo (picture) in first slide of your presentation?

Answer: 1. Open your Presentation and go to the first slide.

2. Click on Insert –> Image.

3. Select company’s logo and click on Open. It will appear on your Presentation.

12. How will you add the name of the company on the top of the each slide?


Click INSERT > Header & Footer.

Header & Footer dialog box appears.

Type the name of the Company in Header Text Box.

Click Apply to All button.

13. Write down the steps to create a table in a presentation.

Answer: 1.Click on the Slide where you want to insert table.

2. Select Insert–> Table.

3. Specify the number of Rows and Columns.

4. Click OK.

14. Write down the steps to insert a chart in slide.


  1. Click on the Slide where you want to insert table.

2. Select Insert–> Chart.

3. Chart will be inserted in Slide.

4.Right click on Chart and change Chart Data table, Chart Type etc.

15. What are the five views of presentation?


  1. Normal View.
  2. Outline View.
  3. Slide Sorter View.
  4. Notes Page View
  5. Handout

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