Class 10 IT Code 402 Unit 1 Q/A


1.Images can be added to a document:

a) From File

b) From Open Office Gallery

c) Directly from Scanner

d) All of the above

Ans: d. All of the above

2. Click on ___________ to open Gallery.

a) Tools

b) Insert

c) Format

d) View

Ans: a) Tools

3.To link the file instead of embedding it, hold down the __________keys while dragging the image.

a) Alt + Shift

b) Ctrl + Alt

c) Ctrl + Shift

d) None of these.

Ans c. Ctrl + Shift

4. Choose the correct option to open Picture toolbar.

a) View —-> Toolbars —-> Picture

b) Tools —-> Toolbars —-> Picture

C) Insert —-> Toolbars —-> Picture

d) Insert —–> Picture —–> Toolbars

Ans: a) View —> Toolbars —> Picture

5.Which option is used to Undo the task?

a) Ctrl + Z

b) Alt + Backspace

c) Both of the above

d) Ctrl + Y

Ans: c. Both of the above

6.Which filter makes the picture appear like Painting?

a) Posterize

b) Poster

c) Postersize

d)Poster Like

Ans: a) Posterize

7.How many resizing handles appear when we select any image.

a) 8

b) 6

c) 4

d) 12

Ans: a. 8

8.Flip the vertically option in the picture toolbar will make the image as the_________

a) mirror placed at the left of the image

b) mirror placed at the right of the image

c) mirror placed at the top of the image

d) mirror placed at the bottom of the image

Ans: d) mirror placed at the bottom of the image

9.Which of the following will not qualify as drawing objects?

a) Autoshapes

b) Curves

c) Text Art

d) All of these

Ans. d. All of these

10. Which of the following is not considered a property of a drawing object?

a) Brightness

b) Color

c) Width

d) Weight

Ans. d. Weight

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