1. How can you know the name of the style of current paragraph?

(a) through the status bar (b) through the style box

(c) through the find box (d) all of these

Ans:(b) through the style box

2.________ feature allow you to apply a style to many different areas quickly without having to go back to styles and formatting window.

(a) Load style (b) Fill Format

(c) Fill style (d) Drag and Drop

Ans. (b) Fill Format

3. A Character Style impacts___________

(a) current paragraph (b) current page

(c) selected character (d) All of these

Ans: (a) Current Paragraph

4. __________will not affect the text in the document.

(a) List style (b) Paragraph style

(c) Frame style (d) Page style

Ans: (a) List style.

5. Which of the following styles is not offered by

(a) Page style (b) Frame style

(c) Presentation style (d) Video style

Ans: (d) Video style

6. What is the shortcut for opening Styles and Formatting window?

(a) F12 (b) F10

(c) F11 (d) F8

Ans: (c) F11

7.Styles and Formatting window is available in _______menu.

(a) Format (b)Insert

(c) View (d) Tools

Ans: (a) Format

8.The styles group is available under the __________tab.

(a) Insert (b) Page Layout

(c) Home (d) Design

Ans: (c) Home

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